Hire a Genealogist

Do You Need some Coaching?

Building your tree is fun, but maybe you are getting frustrated, or just don't want to take the time to figure it out. My blogs and research papers should coach you, but if you need that extra guiding hand, I can help you.

Have You Hit a Brick Wall?

It's inevitable that eventually you will have problems finding an ancestor. Hopefully my Blog tips and Research Articles can help you. But if you're stuck, we can have a consult. I might have some suggestions to help you bust through.

Can I Do It for You?

Let's face it. You might not love genealogy as much as I do, but you still want a Family Tree. I can do this for you, or take over what you have built so far, if you are about to give up. Don't! I can help.

Are You Looking for Someone?

I have helped several adoptees find their birth families. There are professional agencies that do this. They have specialized knowledge on how to access birth records and files, which varies by jurisdiction. That's not what I do. Let's say I am a Genealogy Detective, and through DNA testing, I can help you figure out your connections. Together, we might even find your birth family!

How do you use DNA ?

A whole new world of Family Tree building success will open up to you if you get your DNA tested. But understanding what to do next with your thousands of matches can be overwhelming! I can help you understand how to make sense of your DNA matches, and get you started on this exciting new path.

What Does My Service Cost?

Your needs may range from a quick question to hundreds of hours of research. So, the answer is, "It depends". You can Contact me explaining in detail what you need help with. Then I can provide you with a quote based on time and expense or a set fee basis.