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Susan Snelgrove

Yes, that's me, Susan Snelgrove the Geni Junkie, on a train in England a few years ago with my bestie. We're heading towards Dorset to go explore some of the towns my Newfoundland ancestors came from.   My "old lady" iPad is open and I'm doing genealogy of course!  I was going to use my head shot for my About Page (it's awesome!), but that was many years and 30 pounds ago .... I believe in truth in advertising, so here I am!

I’ve been doing Genealogy for 30+ years, and as you can tell from my website name, Geni Junkie, I am just a little addicted to it.  OK, maybe a lot!  But there’s good reason…..  It is a super interesting hobby, one that many people have embraced over the past decade.   

Sometimes the bug can bite you I suppose when you get to a certain age.  You start reflecting on your life and where you came from.  Many people only know their grandparents’ names, but when you start digging, you come to realize the importance of ALL the people who came before you.  They all have their own stories, and without them, you frankly wouldn’t exist.

For instance, I found a record early on which showed that my grandfather Joseph Snelgrove was previously married to Mildred Winsor.  She and their infant son died in 1916, within a year of their marriage.  My own father was not aware that his dad had been married before he married my grandmother!   I realized that had Mildred not died, my father would never have been born.   And it follows therefore that neither would I or my siblings. 

Huh!!  That really gives you pause, and makes you understand the long and perilous journey that each and every person in the generations that came before you had to travel, for you to actually become YOU.! 

I did focus on my dad’s family first, the Newfoundlanders.  I learned so much on how to build my tree, and met many other researchers and volunteered often to transcribe and post genealogy information to the internet. 

Over that time, I was happy to have helped a lot of people.  I don’t want to sound “stuck up”, but I have gained somewhat of a reputation for being really, really good at it, especially with Newfoundland genealogy.

I of course did move on to my mom’s family, and found not one or two, but three noble families!  I am (supposedly) a descendant of James I of Scotland, and Braveheart, William Wallace (well, actually his lesser known brother Malcolm), and a Woodroffe who was Master of the Horse for Henry VIII. 

But lest you think this gives me a big head, I also have my fair share of fish mongers, farmers, shoemakers, coopers, weavers, fishermen and labourers.  And butchers, one of whom spent three months in prison in 1842 for stealing sausages from his Master.

These are just some of the fascinating stories that can spring to life when you build your family tree.  You really do gain a sense of where you came from, and feel grateful to your ancestors for where you are now.

And I do believe that all of my research is a gift to the generations that come after me.  The story will live on, and some day your own kids and grandchildren just might want to know where they came from too.

So congratulations on embarking on such a fun, and yes, addictive hobby.  Part of the fun for me is helping other people, so that is one of my reasons for starting this site.  I have had many people tell me over the years that I should write a book.  I think that’s a little daunting, so let’s start here!

I look forward to sharing my tips and tricks and wealth of knowledge on genealogy research, and for those interested in Newfoundland and England, sharing my research findings with you.

From one addict to another, enjoy!


Susan Snelgrove

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