Affiliate Links Disclosure

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing I hate more than feeling like someone is trying to pull the wool over my eyes.   I would never do that to anyone, I’m a firm believer that honesty is the best policy.

So I want to disclose to site users that I belong to a small number of Affiliate Link programs with genealogy service providers. A current list is below.  If you click on one of the links provided throughout my blog or pages, and you make a resulting purchase, GeniJunkie will get a small commission.

Please know that i would NEVER link to a product that I did not believe in 100%.  Trust me, my reputation is far more important to me than that. 

I didn’t know about Affiliates when I started this.  But if you are visiting Geni Junkie and then make a purchase based on my helpful advice, then it’s kind of silly not to take what’s offered, right?  

Rest assured, there is no cost to you, and I am not going to get rich off this program.  But if a earn a few bucks to help pay for my hosting and other costs to run the site, I really appreciate the help.  There may in fact be some benefits such as discounts that I can pass on to my visitors.  So that’s a win win!

Thanks for your support.

Your friend in genealogy,

Susan Snelgrove

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Ancestry Canada – Membership subscriptions and DNA tests

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Ancestry U.S. – Membership subscriptions and DNA tests

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23andMe (Canada) Friends & Family referral program – customers get a minimum of 10% off their DNA test order using Geni Junkie’s link. to claim your 10% discount

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FindMyPast .com   US and Canada

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